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An American woman named Debra Jeter assaulted her two daughters on June 5, 2009. She murdered her 12-year-old child Kelsey Leanne Jeter during the attack on her abandoned building in Hillsboro, Ohio.

Debra was getting psychological care at the time because it was believed she used to have a mental disorder. She is imprisoned at Gatesville’s Criminal Justice prison unit and is forty-five years old.

How did Debra Jeter’s house finish up? Situation and Description of Her-

Debra Jeter was sentenced to life and is probably currently in jail. On May 27, 2010, Debra Jeter got a life sentence without chance of parole after confessing to the death of one daughter and the serious injury of the other.


Her remaining child wasn’t allowed to testify in court as just a consequence of the admission, which averted her death penalty. In Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas, USA, Jeter and her 12-year-old daughter Kelsey were discovered dead in an abandoned building. Her older child Kiersten, who’d already narrowly escaped the attack and also was bleeding profusely,

The Disclosure by Debra Jeter-

Jeter dialed 911 after such a sad incident to confess her crime. She told the 911 dispatcher that one of my children had been murdered or another needed help after suffering a serious injury.

A weapon of crime was a knife. After murdering his daughter, Jeter handed himself to the authorities but seemed to understand what was happening.

Debra was undergoing people with a mental health issue she had. Before she was released from the hospital that day, she originally meant to see her husband and two sisters. Just before the 35th lane on Us 77 near Milford, she took them to something like an abandoned house.

Meet Kelsey Jeter's mother in the shocking Debra Jeter story

Subject Kelsey Jeter, a 12-year-old Jeter, reportedly stabbed Kiersten with something like a knife first, according to sources. Kiersten yelled for his sister to get away because her mother screamed at his sister. 

This shifted Debra’s concentration from Kiersten to Kelsey. Kiersten sought to protect her sister, though, and was ripped to shreds. Sadly, Debra fatally sliced Kelsey’s throat in the home’s toilet. 

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