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A Virginia Beach Judge has charged a woman named Leandra Andrade with a class 4 felony charge related to child abuse and neglect. The charges come after her two years old daughter named Lanoix was found dead in a Virginia Beach hotel. The authorities are investigating the toddler’s death as suspicious.

More information regarding the situation:

Leandra Andrade is a 38 years old woman from Northeast DC who is being held due to a pending bond hearing on Thursday. According to the spokesperson of the Commonwealth Attorney for the city of Virginia Beach, Leandra is being represented by the office of the public defender, which did not comment on the entire situation.

The toddler’s father is known to a man named Fabio Andrade; according to the DC police department, Leandra left the city with the child last weekend after a custody case in the DC superior court hearing.

Police found Leandra severely ill in a hotel room in Virginia Beach early on Monday morning. The child was also found dead in the same room. The investigation behind the reason for Leandra’s severe illness is still going on and an autopsy report to determine the cause of the child’s death is yet to come.

Information about the Custody case:

The records of the custody case in DC superior court, fought between Fabio and Leandra, have also been disclosed. The court awarded the temporary sole custody of Lanoix to her father. 

The court awarded both the parents joint physical custody, which allowed Leandra to keep her daughter for the weekend. Her father, Fabio, is in quite a shock and is devastated by his daughter’s demise; the next custody case hearing is scheduled in November.

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