Lawrence Dentist “Larry” Rudolph shot his wife.  | ICIN

It is very surprising how a man can kill his wife. It can be possible in the case of an extramarital affair. Still, what is needed to do this? You can tell her there is no sense in killing a human because, at last, you are caught by the police just like Rudolph. 

He killed his wife and presented the wrong story that she shot her by mistake, and police at that time believed. Still, after efforts, we know that he killed his wife, and now he got caught up, and the investigation will continue, but we can pray for his wife’s family by knowing that her daughter is killed by her husband only.

Details of incident: how it took place:-

There is news that both husband and wife went on vacation and purchased guns there. After Rudolph shoots his wife for personal reasons, which Rudolph does not reveal, everyone assumes that he is interested in another woman. 

We can say there might build a condition of the dispute so that he may have killed her, but the bad thing is that by doing this, he presents the wrong story so that he can remain innocent in Everybody’s eye.

Personal details of Mr. Lawrence “Larry” Rudolph:-

He was of 67 years and was a hunter of big game and former head of the international safari club, he killed his wife in 2016 on a hunting trip in Zambia, and at current, he was charged with murder and mail fraud. 

We can imagine how sharp is his brain because he had a present story that he was in the washroom and at that time his wife shot herself while fixing a gunshot, but some reports showed that the gun was shot from some distance because it had a deep impact on her body at the time of death.

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