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Imanol Rodriguez is a famous Argentinian Actor. And currently, he is getting a lot of attention from the Industry and fans. He is renowned for his appearances in Escape Perfecto, Match Recreation, Nunca es tarde, and many more. 

Imanol has been in the limelight since his name was added with Tati Roust. They are always seen together at significant events, so everyone thinks they are in a relationship. Due to this, this famous actor remains in the news. 

Rodriguez is a producer and director, along with an actor famous for his brilliant acting in many roles and films. Imanol is a very hard-working actor.

Is Tati Roust girlfriend of Imanol Rodriguez:-

Imanol Rodriguez is very popular on social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram, and he has a long fan following. His fans love him and show support in all the content he posts on social media on his official account. 

Famous Argentinian actor Miguel Angel is the father of Rodriguez. Now many of his fans are wondering whether Tati Roust and Imanol Rodriguez are in a relationship or not, as their dating rumors are on the internet. 

As per sources, they are together, and she happens to be his partner, and they have been together for some time. Reports claim that Tati is also a producer.

The couple celebrated their anniversary:-

The couple celebrated their fourth anniversary on 7 June 2022. So this proves that they have been dating for four years, and like Imanol, Tati also produces a lot of stuff because she wants to make her name in the industry and not just be known as Rodriguez’s girlfriend. 

Tati also has thousands of followers on her social media. As per sources, we can conclude that they are happily together. 

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