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The investigation into the disappearance of 16-year-old Kaylee Jones from Georgia continues.

A month after their daughter went missing, Daniel and Brenda Jones, the parents of missing Kaylee Jones, say they are still being attacked online. Daniel and Brenda Jones say the harassment is happening because of their daughter. Since the loss of their daughter, who was 16 years old, came to widespread public attention in recent weeks, Jones’ adoptive parents say they have been the target of hatred on the internet.

Concerning the Unexpected Disappearance of Kaylee Jones:

Kaylee, also known as Jillian Paige Temple, was reportedly the last person to see her on June 14 near Whooping Creek Church Road in New Carrollton. Her parents say she walked out of her second-story window without her computer or phone, both of which had been taken away by her parents after they discovered she had been communicating with unknown people online. According to Brenda and Daniel Jones, she has not been seen or heard from since the incident.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Secret Service, the United States Marshals Service, as well as local law enforcement, are now assisting in the search for the missing 16-year-old girl who has special needs and has been without her prescription medicine for approximately a month, as reported by her parents. Brenda and Daniel Jones claim that they are now the targets of internet harassment because of certain details related to the investigation into their daughter’s disappearance. Internet sleuths who are seeking to piece together the facts of Kaylee’s case in the hopes of assisting in the search for the missing teenager have turned their anger and allegations towards Daniel and Brenda.

In reference to the investigation:

Brenda stated that she is considering hiring a private investigator with the funds raised on a GoFundMe page titled “Help us Find Kaylee Jones” to assist with the costs associated with the search for her daughter, but she is hesitant to make the PI’s identity public out of fear of being harassed online. Brenda’s daughter, Kaylee, has been missing for over a year. Kaylee turned to her laptop and began chatting with random people in chat rooms like Omegle, a website that enables users to communicate with one another anonymously through video chat. The Joneses had previously stated that they had taken away their daughter’s phone two days before she went missing in an effort to discipline their child. Kaylee allegedly disclosed personal information about her family, including their address, while communicating with other “people” on the internet, as reported by her parents.

Her mother suggested that she choose a blue book bag “with a horse on the front.” This option was available to her. She may be wearing a pair of black Converse sneakers or tennis shoes, according to the officials. Her family recently moved to Georgia from Brooksville, Florida, where they still have family and friends. Their new home is in Georgia. There is also the possibility that she goes by the name Jillian Paige Temple.

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