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Faulox TikTooley was an internet sensation. He is a YouTuber and social media influencer famous for his videos; sometimes, he makes videos with his family and friends. He also performs some funny skits. 

Through Instagram, we know that he is the CEO of influence, and she also sells beautiful bracelets and lockets. He began posting content in June 2020 on his Instagram account. And one video he posted on Instagram on September 30, 2020, has more than nine million likes. 

And the number of followers he has on the TikTookay account is 7. 3 million, and 135 thousand on his Instagram account. 

Some personal information about Faulox:- 

The age of Faulox is 20 years. He was born on May 21, 2002. And on the top of tik tok, it is written that he was from Peru. He was a person with a positive attitude, and all the fans liked him a lot. After his death became public to everyone, people could not believe that he was dead. 

They are saying that he is still alive, but the question also arises if he is alive, then where. There are a lot of comments from the people on the last video he posted on the internet, and they are showing concern towards him because he is dead now. 

People do not believe the news of the death of Faulox:-

We all know that It is heartbreaking for the fans of Faulox as of sudden loss. After a video posted on social media tells about the death of Faulox, people are continuously asking questions about his death, asking whether Faulax is alive or not. 

Some think that he is still alive, only an accident happened, not the death. There is no solid fact about his death.

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