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Marine Pfc. Robert Simanek, 92, dies.

Robert Simanek, a recipient of the Medal of Honor, has died at the age of 92. During a night patrol in August 1952, Robert E. was roused from his slumber to serve as a radioman for a 12-man squad heading north of Seoul to take over a place called “Outpost Irene.” He assumed it would be simple. Since no action had ever taken place there during the period that Simanek had been on the line, he thought of it as a “holiday,” he later claimed in an interview with the Veterans History Project for the Library of Congress. “After packing an old Reader’s Digest and a valuable 12-ounce bottle of beer in my large back pocket, I felt I was ready for some downtime. That was not the case, “he stated.

Why was Robert Simanek honored?

Attacked by the Chinese. Two grenades landed in the small trench where Simanek and other Marines had sought cover while returning fire during the subsequent action. In the ensuing explosion, Simanek kicked one of the grenades, resulting in shrapnel wounds to his legs. Because of the short amount of time left, he didn’t think it would be prudent to pick up the second grenade and return it. In order to protect himself and his fellow soldiers, he covered the second grenade with his own body and threw it away.

His right side and leg were largely spared, but he was able to make his way to a relief column, which returned him to the front lines and a ready chopper. That helicopter flight to the medical ship was “amazing,” he claimed. He received the Medal of Honor from President Eisenhower on October 23, 1953, for his conduct on August 17, 1952, while serving with Company F of the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Corps.

When was Robert Simanek killed?

Congressional Medal of Honor Society announced Simanek’s death on Monday at the age of 92 in Novi, Michigan. Among the details of his Medal of Honor citation is the following: “Determined to save his comrades when an enemy hostile grenade was hurled into their ranks, a determined individual threw himself on the deadly missile and shielded his fellow Marines from serious injury or death.” “I was the only one he [Eisenhower] talked to and all the reporters wanted to know what he said to me,” said Simanek, who received the Medal of Honor during the White House ceremony.

Aside from him staring at me and asking, ‘Why don’t you turn around and look at everyone now,’” Simanek recalls making up something amusing. Former Marine Simanek spent nearly a year healing from his wounds before being medically discharged from the Marine Corps. A graduate of Michigan State University, he went on to work as an accountant and an executive in the corporate world.

It was announced in 2021 that the next Lewis B. Puller-class expeditionary mobile base ship would be renamed the USS Robert E. Simanek in honour of the late Navy Secretary Kenneth Braithwaite, who served as Secretary of the Navy from 2013 to 2017. (ESB-7).

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