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A 52-year-old actor-director Phillip Lazaro dies due to organ failure. 

Phillip Lazaro, a 52-year-old actor, and director died on 11th July 2022. The news is confirmed from social media sites and news reports. People were shocked after the news of his sudden demise went viral, becoming the internet sensation for the day. 

Who was Phillip Lazaro? (Wiki, Age, Bio)

Phillip Lazaro was an actor, director, and comedian by profession. He was born in Manila, Philippines, on 12th June 1970. Last year, he was just 52 years old when he died. There is no other personal information about his family. He was a graduated person; details about his schooling and college are not available on the internet. 

From the year 1996, Phillip Lazaro began his career as an actor. He was popularly known for shows like Prima Donnas, Widow’s Web, and the game show name Bawal. He also came to King Lear, Antaeus Company’s Production, as Earl of Kent.   

He was the best actor, director, and Philippines Comedian. He did many stage shows and appeared in famous movies in a lead role in “Wanted: Perfect Mother, Unexpectedly Yours” and many more. 

Phillip Lazaro dies, Cause of Death, Obituary

Phillip Lazaro, actor-director-comedian, died at the age of 52 on the 11th of July 2022 Monday. The reason behind his death is still unknown, but according to the rumors, he died due to multiple organ failures. His family is not in a condition to say any statement to the media related to his death.

News reports and social media posts confirm the news of his death and stories. The other actors and directors are paying tribute to him for his work in the industry. 

People are still in shock after reading the news of his sudden demise. People are praying for his passed soul, and condolences are given to his family. 

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