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Mathis Bellon died at the age of 8

Today children are participating in many extra activities apart from studying. The same is with  Mathis Bellon. He is a multi-talented boy of 8 years, but he died in a tragic accident at the age of eight. He is from the place known as the island of Réunion, and he had aimed to become a pilot; he also had excellence in BMX. 

He studied in the school named Race Experience School. And as a motorcycle rider at an early age, God had taken him from this world at a minimum age. Maybe he had some other plan for this tiny boy.

Personal details of motorcycle rider Mathis Bellon:-

Samuel Bellon is his father’s name, and the details about his mother are still unknown. He also had a younger sibling who just turned three years old, and now when they are dealing with such pain, we cannot imagine how they are feeling now. 

We are praying for them that God gave them strong enough to recover from this pain, and most of the people who knew this family personally or professionally are expressing their grief. Still, they send condolences to the family.

Facts about the accident of Mathis Bellon:-

It is informed that he tried for the competition he was practicing, but the accident happened. Soon then, everyone took him to the hospital by helicopter. 

There he survived and fought for a week but after he gave up the injuries were so severe that no treatment could make him alive doctors had tried their best but what to say that country had lost their pure young gem who in future can turn out to be so talented but one accident turned the whole history.

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