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Karlton Noah Donaghey: A 5-year-old young kid passes away in a tragic helium balloon accident

Karlton Noah Donaghey was a five-year-old boy who died in a tragic accident by attempting to put himself in a dinosaur balloon that he got as a present from his parents. 

How the accident happened as described by his mother:

Lisa Donaghey, 43, found her son lying on the floor with the balloon over his head and neck. It was a dinosaur balloon of the same height as the little boy, and according to his mother, he tried to put himself in that balloon and surprise his family, who were enjoying themselves and having fun under the sun when the accident took place. 

She said he had gone inside the house to use the toilet, and Lisa went in to check on him. When she saw the balloon all over him, she pulled it and found the unconscious little boy lying there. His parents gave him the balloon on their trip to The Hoppings on the tower Moor in Newcastle. 

As it was his first time at a funfair, he was excited but also very well behaved and well-mannered. The Dinosaur was a reward as he loved dinosaurs so much.

How they managed to get him to the Hospital:

The young boy was given CPR at the house until the ambulance arrived and was airlifted to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle for emergency treatment. He spent six days in the ventilator before it was switched off at the Great North Children’s Hospital on June 29.

His mother mentioned that she remembered the consultant saying he was in a bad state. Throughout those six days, she was always by his son, taking intensive care of him at The Great North Children’s Hospital. 

He suffered from seizures, and doctors could do nothing to save him until the last seizure hurt him badly. The mother couldn’t see the pain the five-year-old was facing and asked to stop the ventilator. She bid him goodbye, put his bed to a long sleep, and promised him that she would be fine without him.

The cause of the death is the helium gas; his mother says though not confirmed by a coroner. She further says to be cautious of helium gas as it can take life in seconds. We hope the little one rest in peace.

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