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Jean Carne is a jazz and pop singer from New York. She has a five-octave vocal range and is a talented singer. The 75-year-outstanding old’s singing voice propelled her to stardom in the early 1990s. 

There has been a flood of tweets about the death of Jean Carne recently. Similar to the outpouring of grief seen at the funeral of a well-known singer.

One person wrote, “I just found out that my all-time favourite musician passed away today, along with Gladys Knight; I’m so sorry I never got to see her sing live.  You were a beautiful woman, and I will miss you.”

Another person, however, expressed shock that Jean Carne had passed away since the time that we last saw her perform in person. It’s surprising because she appeared to be perfectly healthy and fit. There has also been a lot of uncertainty and debate in cyberspace. However, despite all, many demand a simple denial of the death rumours surrounding Jean Carne.

Is Jean Carne still alive?

According to available information, Jean Carne is still alive and well. Since her passing, a plethora of false rumours and theories have circulated.

The musician fell prey to an online death hoax targeting celebrities. Melba Moore confirmed the news that Jean Carne was still alive by posting an image and a caption on Facebook.

A warning is included that suggests one shouldn’t believe everything you read or see on social media. ” It has been a pleasure talking to Jean, and I have just ended our call. Quickly put an end to such rumours. In my opinion, she is fine.” There had been rumours that Jean Carne had died a few hours prior. As was previously said, the singer is OK.

It would appear that Carne, who is 75 years old, is in good health, as there is no mention of any sicknesses or other health problems she may be having anywhere on the internet.

About Jean Carne’s career

Despite this, Carne was among the many entertainers on the 2020 Soul Train Cruise. In a similar line, in 2014, Carne was presented with a lifetime achievement award by the National R&B Music Society in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In 1986, Omni Records made the purchase of Carne. Grover Washington Jr.’s “Closer Than Close” topped the R&B charts. In 1988, she released her sole album for Atlantic Records, titled You’re a Part of Me.

In 1976, Carne’s self-titled debut album was released after she was signed to Philadelphia International Records by Leon Huff and Kenneth Gamble. The lead single, “Free Love,” reached the R&B top twenty-three.

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