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Donzetta Nuxhall, who was married to the legendary Ol’ Lefthander Joe Nuxhall for 60 years, passed away this morning. Donzetta lived to be 93 years old.

They tied the knot in October 1947, and afterward, Donzetta became known as “the glue that made the astonishing career of her husband possible,” according to Joe’s loved ones. For all she’s been through,”I don’t know how to express it,” her husband once stated, and he never denied it. She has been a perfect angel.

The Nuxhall Foundation, which funds memorial initiatives like the Miracle League and academic awards in Joe’s name, has released a statement saying, “Donzetta was there to see that all was well and taken care of at the Nuxhall family home.” Donzetta took care of the family while Joe was abroad playing and announcing, providing a loving and supportive environment for Joe, Phil, and Kim.

Donzetta was Joe’s biggest admirer and kept a scrapbook chronicling his career as a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds and later as a sportscaster.

Statements by Donzetta Nuxhall’s closed ones

Non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s ultimately proved fatal for Joe Nuxhall in November of 2007. The Nuxhalls said she was “motivated to help his narrative live on” after Joe’s passing, and she was a major benefactor to their efforts in establishing The Nuxhall Foundation.

The Nuxhall Foundation states, “At every critical stage in her husband’s legacy, Donzetta was there to honour him with a gentle smile.” Donzetta “rounded third and cut the ribbon to launch the one-of-a-kind facility for athletes with special needs at the opening of The Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Fields in 2012.”

Additionally, she made the inaugural putt at the 2019 launch of the Skidmore Sales Mini-Golf Club.

Donzetta “brought her lovely smile, compassionate hug, and encouraging words to every event sponsored by the Nuxhall Organisation,” the foundation said. Donzetta’s legacy of modest generosity and compassion will be remembered for a very long time.

Family members said that Donzetta Nuxhall has asked to be buried privately, and that this will happen in the following weeks. The Nuxhall Foundation has not yet revealed any plans to commemorate Donzetta’s life, but promises to do so in the future.

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