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How did  Diego Bertie Die? 

Diego Bertie, 54, an actor and vocalist, died on August 5, 2022.  There is his family caused no confirmation of his death. However, there are speculations that He died when he fell from his house’s 14th floor. He was declared brain dead merely minutes after being admitted to a hospital.

A heartbreaking and disheartening news report has surfaced on the internet, getting attention on media platforms and capturing viewers. His audiences are surprised and deeply saddened by Diego Bertie’s early demise.

Bertie’s manager expressed his sadness over the actor’s unexpected demise:

“Diego is an angel among us; he is the noblest person I have ever worked with (…) We are united by our friendship with him; we planned his return to music, and it was fantastic; everyone expected it, hugged and kisses him. I’m in shock; I haven’t spoken to anyone in the family yet; when we have more information, we’ll be able to talk more in-depth.”

What happened to Diego Bertie? The cause of death was investigated.

Diego Bertie died following a fall from his home building. 

The public leader of the Emergency Response Team, Mario Casaretto, discovered that emergency responders and rescue workers had been quick to assist Bertie. He fell into his storage shed.

Diego Bertie Die

Bertie was rushed to  Emergency Hospital, and he was proclaimed dead.   He  stated that the action star experienced severely broken bones and skull fractures as a result of the  fall.  the  Hospital revealed Bertie’s death, saying:

“Mr. Diego Bertie Brignardello (54) was admitted to our hospital at 4:10 a.m. and was immediately treated by health professionals, confirming his death. The Jose Casimiro Ulloa Emergency Hospital regrets what occurred and extends its heartfelt condolences to the actor’s family and friends.”

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