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Diana Kennedy: The guru of Mexican cuisine, dies at 99

British-born food writer, Diana Kennedy, died at the age of 99. The Mexican Culture Ministry disclosed the news. Diana Kennedy was born in Britain and used to write about Mexico’s culinary heritage; she popularized the prestige of the national cuisine of Mexico in the English language.

The Mexican Culture Ministry paid tribute to her by saying that Diana was one of the few people who were able to understand the importance of preserving the legacy and diversity of Mexican culinary traditions.

Diana’s cause of death is not specified.

More about the life and work of Diana Kennedy:

Diana was lovingly referred to as ‘Julia Child of Mexican Cuisine ‘, ‘the Mick Jagger of Mexican cuisine’, and ‘Indiana Jones of food’. Renowned Mexican chef Jose Andres gave her the title ‘Indiana Jones of food’; he was also one of many people from the culinary world who paid tribute to Diana for her incredible life achievements.

Diana was born in Southwood in Loughton, England, in 1923. Later on, she moved to Canada in 1953. In the same decade, she married her husband, Journalist Paul P. Kennedy and they shifted to Mexico. Paul died in 1967, and for many years Diana lived in Michoacan, a rugged Mexican state.

During that time, she fell in love with Mexico’s culture, cuisine, and people, and it made her preserve Mexico’s native ingredients and traditional cuisine. She spent decades documenting the recipes and ingredients she found in small villages of Mexico in her books.

She got worldwide love and recognition for her work and dedication; she was often invited by home cooks whom she met on her trips to cook and try different recipes.

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