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UK’s one of the prominent chefs, Alastair Little, passes away at 72.

Alastair Little, a cook, celebrity chef, and food writer, passed away at 72. His legacy will continue to be considered one of the greatest prominent cooks in British food heritage, nicknamed the “grandfather of modern British cooking.”

“Alastair Little was a godfather of modern British cookery and an advocate of keeping it simple,” said contemporary Jeremy Lee, who formerly referred to Little as “the original pin-up chef, stunningly handsome.” 

His cooking was simply unrivaled. Unique, fascinating, clever, a delight to cook with significant inspiration, a great pal, and a terrific boss gone far too soon, deeply lost and never forgotten.”

The chef who made every food experience magically:

Dan Lepard, who somehow collaborated with Little, reprinted an unreleased comment that typified his culinary philosophy: Little began his career as a diner and subsequently as a chef; he first worked at L’EscargotL’Escargot in Soho in 1981 and 192 near Notting Hill around 1983, before opening his original establishment on Frith Street in Soho in 1985. 

Roughly thirty-five years ago, along with his girlfriend Kirsten Pedersen, carried many of the trademarks of London eateries — a restaurant facing towards the dining area; plain tabletop and napkins; and, perhaps, very importantly, multiple times diversifying cuisine.

What made Little’s cooking skills top in the game?

Little desired a diner “you could go to directly from the office,” rather than the rigid dining areas leaning unwaveringly throughout the Atlantic toward France. Its proficiency and exquisite cuisine garnered rave accolades when Juliet Peston was the chef and afterward senior chef. 

His culinary approach was based on minimalism and simple arithmetic: he would consider what might be eliminated from a meal to allow the leftover components to sparkle to the fullest.

Two years earlier, Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray opened the River Cafe in Hammersmith. Rowley Leigh left the Roux brothers’ restaurants two years prior to work for Nick Smallwood and Simon Slater’sSlater’s Kensington Square.

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