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Dave Calabro visited a great Carmel restaurant this week on his mission to hear your positive stories.

CARMEL, Ind. — If you were at Rosie’s Place in Carmel Thursday, you may have bumped in to 13Sports director Dave Calabro. 

Dave probably had an eye on the menu, but his main mission was searching for the good news going in people’s lives.

Marissa has worked at Rosie’s since the beginning. 

“Yep, I helped them open it,” she said. “It will be four years this October!”

Dave also ran into Alex Chandler and discovered he had met her parents years earlier.

“Here’s how old I am, I think you were in a baby buggy, a stroller,” he said.

“I’m sure,” she said. “If it was in Ohio, I was in a baby buggy. Time flies!”

Alex said the restaurant feels like home.

“Everyone is like family and everyone is very close and works really well together,” she said. Each location feels like different energy. It’s very similar to ‘Cheers.'”  

“We know a lot of people by their name as they enter the restaurant,” Marissa added. “We have a lot of people who come in on a regular basis and this is their spot that they come once a week, so we definitely make sure to make it’s as enjoyable as we can.”    

Rosie’s owner said the business stared in Noblesville in 2010.

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“Then, four years later, we expanded to Zionsville,” Debbie said. “This location opened in 2018.”

The business is named in honor of family members.

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“Rosie’s is named after my father’s mother, so my grandmother, and it was basically more of a tribute to my dad,” said Debbie.

You can see more of Dave’s Carmel visit in the media player above, and check out some previous Good News stories in the links below.

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