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Former Miss Brazil Gleycy Correia, who was twenty-seven- years old, died on June 20 after symptoms following routine oropharyngeal surgery. After suffering a severe cardiac collapse, Correia spent more than two months in a coma. The native of Macae passed away on Monday after being admitted to a private clinic.

According to Daily Express in the United States, the former beauty contest champion had no brain function and was also vegetative. The statement said that Correia’s body was taken for an autopsy to the Forensic Medicine Institute of Macae. 

According to speculations, memorial and funeral arrangements for Gleycy Correia were arranged for Tuesday, June 21. According to a few earlier local website sources, a wake was conducted the day after her passing.

Gleycy Correia Wiki, Age, Biography

In 2k18, Correia was crowned as Miss United Continents Brazil. She had modest starts, yet she managed to figure out a lucrative career for herself and win widespread respect. 

She was also an expert in everlasting cosmetic products and could utilize tattoos to modify someone’s appearance permanently while simulating natural features in the face or the outlying areas.

What happened-

“She underwent tonsil removal surgery, and also, five days after returning home, she suffered a nosebleed. On April 4, she went to Unimed, suffered a heart attack, and has been in a coma since with no neuronal activity. She passed away with pain and registration.”

According to Mayo Clinic, excessive bleeding is among the risks associated with surgical intervention, the procedure to remove the tonsils. According to the accredited health center, bleeding may develop during surgery if the tonsil site’s membrane is peeled before entirely healing. Likewise, all across the treatment, bleeding is expected. 

They assert: Occasionally, there is significant bleeding during surgery, necessitating additional care and prolonged hospitalization.

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