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Anesthetist Giovanni Quintella Bezerra allegedly raped a pregnant woman during her cesarean section in da Mulher’s hospital. On the same day, two other women were also raped. This incident took place on S

Who is Giovanni Quintella Bezerra?

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra is a 32-year-old man who works as an anesthetist in da Mulher hospital, Brazil. He completed his anaesthesiology just two months ago. There are no more personal details about him or his family. 

He resides in Brazil. The name Giovanni Quintella Bezerra goes viral on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., after his video of putting his penis in a lady’s mouth and $exually assaulting her during her cesarean section. 

He $exually assaulted and raped that woman for more than 10 minutes during surgery. The videos were later deleted from all the social media handles as they exceeded the guidance limit due to privacy policy. 

When did the incident take place?

This raped incident took place on Sunday 10th July. After the video got viral, it was deleted by the social media platforms as doctors are worshiped as a god. After seeing all these horrific videos, people will never trust any other doctors. 

The name of the rape victim is not revealed. 

According to the sources, it is said that the pregnant woman’s husband was told to go out of the operation theater during the operation and was not allowed to watch his newborn baby. On the same day, Giovanni did two more operations; as a curtain in between, it could not see what was happening. So at the time of the third operation, his colleagues installed a secret camera in the operation theater. 

Later, it came to know that he was $exually assaulting the heavily drugged pregnant woman. As soon as the video got viral, the police arrested him.

The investigation is going on as he did two more surgeries on women, and it is said that he also raped those two ladies. But for now, the responsibility of the victim and family is taken by the hospital.

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