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Steve-o wants to get breast implants

For his live tour, Steve-O wants to get breast implants. The ‘Jackass’ star, who is known for his daring antics as part of the renowned franchise, is eager to go under the knife to shock his live audiences.” I’ve been wanting to ask you about this, what can you tell me about males getting breast implants?” he asked ‘Botched’ plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow on a recent episode of the ‘Steve-Wild O’s Ride’ podcast.

Steve-O’s out-of-the-box idea

“With all of my outrageous shenanigans, I’ve raised the bar so high that I’m already preparing my next tour.”And I’ve decided that my next tour will be named the ‘Steve-Gone O’s Too Far’ tour, and I’m just trying to be as crazy as possible, and one of my ideas is to get breast implants.”The 47-year-old actress wants to get a breast job and record the entire process for a few months before showing it on one of his live programs. He removed his shirt to allow the surgeon to examine his pectorals, admitting that he wanted to “get as large as” feasible. Terry’s response was: “You have enough room to do a D or double D. If you keep it in for six months, you’ve probably passed the point where your skin starts to retract.”So you could have a C-cup and then remove them after three to six months, and you won’t have to have a skin-reducing treatment or scars.”

Steve-O’s surprising idea to test his breast implant

Meanwhile, Steve-O disclosed his plans to crash a car into a wall to test the airbags, but he’s concerned about the possible influence on his new business if he follows through with it.

He stated, ” “I recently purchased a smart car intending to drive it into a brick wall to test the airbags…”I want to drive the car into a wall after I get my boob job to do a fun bag test.”They won’t get hurt,” Terry said, “breast implants are extraordinarily strong.”

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