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Know all the recent updates on Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 8; check the plot and release dates.

A lawsuit was brought to the Hanbada crew to save every hamlet community from a freeway project development that would split it in two and upset the lifestyle of its residents. After touring the area, the team agrees to take on the project, notwithstanding their initial reservations. Su-Yeon becomes progressively irritated with Jun-Ho and approaches him. She advises him to express his affections for Young-Woo.

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Advocate Tae Su-Mi established a good argument for provincial conservatism as the basis for the complaint and swiftly eliminated the Hanbada team’s alternative routes. Young-Woo is awestruck by her and wishes to become like her that day.

Her dad notices her investigating Tae Su-mi and is annoyed. He becomes even more surprised to learn that Tae Su-mi is the adversary attorney in Young-present Woo’s lawsuit.

Schedule of the release date for Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 8

On Thursday, July 21, 2022, at noon PDT, Episode 8 of the Extraordinary Attorney Woo series aired.


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Sodeok-Dong is a charming village nestled in the countryside. A transportation steering group reveals its intentions to create a roadway that would have to cut through the city, splitting it. People are adamantly opposed, citing previous urban programs and initiatives that have delivered people nothing except interruption in their life.

The mayor brings the matter to the Hanbada legal office in the hopes of filing a civil lawsuit. Following consulting with something like a civil engineer and an architect, the team concludes that the probability of victory in the case is slim.

Young-Woo and Jun-ho share a tender moment after he lends his coat when she falls backward throughout their trip to the countryside.

The program debuted on ENA on June 29, 2022, and has been available for streaming on Netflix in certain territories.

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