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Crews have been working around the clock recently, going from call to call to fix broken air conditioners.

INDIANAPOLIS — Crews have been working around the clock, literally 24 hours a day recently, answering calls to fix broken air conditioners. 

Technicians tell 13News one of the most common culprits is the air filter. If it hasn’t been replaced in a while, it’s dirty and that’s going to cause problems. 

Thankfully, it’s a quick fix. If your AC isn’t cooling down your house, check that first and replace it if it’s dirty.  

It could end up saving you a repair bill. 

“Not everybody thinks about it,” said Gene Durbin of Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling. “I don’t think about it. It’s like, ‘What’s going on?’ and a lot of times we assume the worst and a lot of times, thank heavens, it’s not the worst.”

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Durbin said it pays to exceed the replacement recommendation listed on many filters.

“These one-inch filters usually, some will say three months but we recommend every four to six weeks,” Durbin explained.

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If the problem is something bigger than a dirty air filter, of course, HVAC techs can fix that. And, If they need to order parts or can’t get the work done immediately, Summers in Lafayette has been installing portable window air conditioning units to give customers at least some relief from this heat while they wait. 

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