East side renter says air conditioning hasn’t worked for a year | ICIN

He said they’ve reached out to the apartment’s maintenance team for help but have not seen any action yet.

INDIANAPOLIS — Torrey Lang and his family say it’s too hot to be without air conditioning. 

He and his family have lived in the Residences on 56th Street Apartments for almost a year. During that time, Lang said their heat and air conditioning have not worked.

“From heat to cold, you know what I’m saying? It feels like we are not winning,” said Lang.

Lang said they’ve reached out to the apartment’s maintenance team for help but have not seen any action yet. 

A resident shared with 13News an email from the maintenance office that acknowledges how hot it is and says they are working as hard as possible to address all maintenance requests.

But Lang suggests they’re not working hard enough.

“If we are all paying all this money, they should come and do our services. If we don’t pay our money, they put us out on the street. So if we pay our money, come to fix our equipment,” he said. 

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Lang said the temperature inside their apartment was 89 degrees. He has cancer and he said being forced to live in this condition is extremely uncomfortable.

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“It’s very hot in there. You see I don’t have a shirt on. You have to walk around with no shirt on and constantly wipe your face. It’s very irritable,” said Lang.

Lang said it feels like they are in a lose-lose situation

“We got fans in the windows. That’s not working. It’s like you’re blowing heat in the house. You take a shower, you get out of the shower, you’re still sweating. It’s not working out. You have to sit in your car and cut the air on in your car to cool off,” said Lang.

He said as temperatures continue to rise this season, something has to change.

“Any hotter, we are going to be in there dead. Ya’ll sit in a cool office. Why can’t we get cool air in the house?” said Lang.

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