Duane Brown was apprehended and arrested. Free agents in the NFL After attempting to board a plane with a firearm in his luggage | ICIN

Free agents in the NFL TMZ reports that Duane Brown was detained on gun charges on Saturday at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) as he attempted to board a plane with a gun in his luggage. Brown was taken into custody by LAX police officers and placed into the LAPD Pacific Jail, according to the LAX police officer Lt. Karla Rodriguez, who stated that it was unknown whether or not the gun was loaded. The defensive tackle, who is now a free agent, was taken into custody by a TSA agent when the agent discovered a handgun in his bag during a routine search.

At about two in the afternoon, the event took place at Terminal 6, the Los Angeles airport terminal from which Brown was supposed to depart on a trip. Brown can be seen being led through the airport in handcuffs and then being placed inside of a police cruiser on the video that was taken during the arrest.

Charges brought against Duane Brown:

Charges brought against Duane Brown: Before signing with the Seattle Seahawks in 2017, Brown, at 36 years old, spent nine years playing for the Houston Texans. As the negotiations with Seattle were about to reach their conclusion, the 2012 Pro Bowl tackle is now facing the possibility of spending up to a year behind bars. The Seahawks still have a chance to sign him, but the event may play a role in their final choice.

Brown, who was selected by the Texans in the first round in 2008, agreed to a contract with the Seahawks in 2018 that was for $36.5 million.

Additional information on Duane Brown:

Brown, a graduate of Virginia Tech, played for the Houston Texans for the first 10 seasons of his career before joining the Seattle Seahawks for the final five seasons of his career. After his most recent season, in which he was selected for the Pro Bowl and became a free agent, he was born and raised in the city of Richmond, Virginia. Brown went to Hermitage High School in Virginia, which is also where Fontel Mines had his secondary education. Brown went on to play college football for the Hokies coached by Frank Beamer after graduating from high school and attending Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. Brown was recognized as a member of the second-team All-Atlantic Coast Conference during the 2006 season, in which he played in as a junior, and the Richmond Touchdown Club selected him as the state Offensive Lineman/End of the Year.

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