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Teenagers like to get involved in many things, such as fighting, etc., and they get very while fighting, so the situation takes the form of death. Hence we should always teach children not to get involved in fights. 

The same thing happened with Dalvin Brown. He was shot and killed by someone at Canyon High School, and everybody wants to know who is the person behind this. With information, we know he was shot outside the basketball field, and later, he died at University Medical Center.

Know the whole thing about the incident:

After this incident, police went to the school at 350 on September 11, 2018, and found Dalvin in very bad condition. He was an 18-year-old Canyon Springs student. 

Authorities had said that he was shot outside the baseball field, then died in the hospital, and officials said that they did not think that the condition became so severe and the shooting was not random; a dispute caused it. After that, the school department closed the school for a long time to reduce such cases, and safety was the priority of students and staff.

Condolence has been given by many people:-

Close ones are sad to hear the news of his death, and his mother is broken. She said that she was waiting for her to return, but now he will never return, and she wanted to know who had killed his beloved son. 

Her mother’s name is Marshall and said his son was a popular teen and a basketball star. And there is news that a 16-year-old boy shot him. Now we should pray for the family of Dalvin that God gave them strength in such a difficult time.

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