Comedian Dave Dugan breaks roundabout world record | ICIN

CARMEL, Ind — Comedian Dave Dugan broke the world record Wednesday for longest time spent driving around a roundabout. He did it, of course, in Carmel.

Dugan drove 1,001 laps around the Jackson Circle along Horseferry Road. That’s just south of Main Street in the Village of West Clay. He accomplished the feat in four hours and 29 minutes.

It’s not the first time he’s done something like that, but he didn’t have the world record. Before Wednesday, that belonged to a man from Australia, who spent four hours and 52 seconds driving around a roundabout.

It’s something he’s done before…but he didn’t have the world record until Wednesday.

“I’m gonna try to beat the Aussies. I mean, I love them. They gave us the Outback Steakhouse, wallabies, and, I don’t know, Crocodile Dundee,” Dugan said. “But I’m going to try to beat that record today.”

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