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With her comedy alter-ego Olga Keff, former Coronation Street actor Catherine Tyldesley has had admirers in fits of laughter on social media. And the glossy actress from Walkden was caught in front of the cameras transforming into Olga, appearing radically different. As she filmed in Manchester, the Corrie star, who portrayed barmaid Eva Price on the soap, wore a brown wig, taped-together spectacles, and a drawn-on unibrow. She was dressed in a pink fleece top, a long blue skirt, open-toe sandals, and thick white socks.

Catherine posted a photo and her conversation with Olga

Cath posted a photo of Olga gazing over a fence with the words “here we go” next to a love heart face emoji on her social media to commemorate Olga’s expedition. ‘Olga’ reminded fans of the coronavirus shutdown during the coronavirus lockdown.

“Hello, Olga,” Catherine said to the camera, “thank you for coming.” “I wanted to have a quick chat with you about social distancing because some of you don’t seem to get it.”

Catherine continued, “I was at the supermarket the other day and a man was standing so close to me that I could feel his cold, hard basket on the back of my thigh.” Now two meters, dear, two meters; if you don’t have a tape measure, that’s fine; I considered alternatives.”

“Two meters is the equivalent of two large human strides,” Olga continued, “but if you’re like me and have a weak pelvic floor, appreciating that could get messy, so you could also use two mops, two regular size fishing rods, 13 bananas, or an entire pack of strawberry laces whichever you’ve got a hand.”Catherine, who played Eva on Coronation Street from 2011 to 2018, pleased fans last week when she announced her comeback to the small screen. On Instagram, she confirmed the news.

Cath announced her departure from the cobbles in 2017 and went on to star in Sky’s Trollied and BBC’s Scarborough before starring in ITV thriller Viewpoint. The 38-year-old has now verified it. Meet ‘Kate,’” she said, disclosing that she had shot for ITV’s crime thriller, McDonald and Dodds. “I had a wonderful experience filming this (despite the morning sickness),” she remarked. “Be on the lookout/get your calendars ready!”

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