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Bret Michael was hospitalized in Nashville on Thursday evening just before he was ready to perform with his band, Poison. He reportedly suffered from a reaction to a medication triggered by his diabetes and is currently treated in a local hospital in Nashville.

His bandmates revealed the news to people ahead of the concert, adding that they wouldn’t be able to perform without him.

It is unclear whether Michael or his band will be able to perform at the shows scheduled further or not.

Bret Michaels health history-

Michael has struggled with his health for a long time. He has had type two diabetes most of his life.

He had a brain hemorrhage in 2010, which required surgery, and shortly after this, he went on with another surgery to repair a hole in his heart after suffering from a mini-stroke.

His bandmate and long-time friend, Pete Evick, also told fans that he had two stents put in his body and returned to performing immediately despite the doctor’s orders.

His work-

Bret Michael has been a judge in the talent show Nashville star

He has also been featured in VH1’s reality show “show Rock of Love.”

He was featured in the reality docu-series “Bret Michael-Life As I Know It “and won NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice.”

He was known to sacrifice his health for the sake of music. Fans who traveled from far locations to see his concert were a little disappointed.

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