After Criticism, Lizzo avoids all harmful ableist slurs from a new song, GRRRLS. | ICIN

Lizzo has avoided an offensive term for handicapped human beings from her new song after the days of public criticism and also informed that she never wanted to promote this derogatory language. Her latest track, GRRRLS, is upcoming from the musician’s album, which was released on Friday. 

The pop star Lizzo who is likely to be well known for her lyrics, winner agreement and self-love, used one of the derogatory terms for spastic diplegia, which is the form of cerebral palsy. 

Why does the pop star Lizzo criticize?

Her fans and well-wishers started trolling Lizzo because she used the word “spaz” in her latest track named GRRRLs, which disappointed Hanna Diviney and many more people. She was criticized on Twitter by her followers. 

She was not only criticized by her fans but also wrote a public apology on Monday to her fans and well-wishers. She wrote that they had bought out her attention to the slur word, which is harmful to her new song. And also expressed her clarification by saying that let her clear one thing: 

She never promotes derogatory language. She also expressed that as a fat black woman in America, she also suffers a lot of body shame and abuse that hurt her. And she understands the power of words.


More facts about Lizzo-

Lizzo is not the initial artist who was criticized for using the derogatory term in her song. Lizzo is still answering the criticisms. She shared her new song name GRRRLS from her upcoming fourth album named Special, which follows the lead single named About Damn time in April. In 2019, one of the rappers named Bhad Bhabie released his song called ‘Spaz’ and also suffered the same criticisms from the disability advocates. 

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