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Death always comes uninvitedly; it never gives us time to be prepared and emotionally strong for all the gloom it will bring. Recently, it came to many people’s ears that a person named Antonio Andriani fell into a well in Erice when he turned 40 years old. 

The video of this incident is everywhere on the internet as death took on his special occasion. Andriani was brought up in Molfetta. He was transferred to Erice in the province of Trapani when his company, Bio Salus, promoted him to the industrial supervisor of the Trapani division.

About the incidence-

On the occasion of his 40th birthday, Antonio organized a lavish party, but who knew that this special occasion would be the last one for him. The pictures and videos were quite blurry. 

Everyone, including Antonio, was having fun when he fell into the well. Many consider it a suspicious plan by a mastermind, whereas some think it was carelessness. His homeowner is found on the list of people the investigators suspect as, for many years, he’s been trying to rent out his home. 

According to the people’s wordings, he was dancing and enjoying a lot when he fell into an artesian well. Police and investigators found the pieces of broken hole cowl. Based on the early post-mortem reports, the authorities decided to send the body back home. Investigators started the investigation in the hope of finding a clue.

Glance on ancillary-

Many people were unable to believe that their close one was no more. Many videos and pictures of his last happy moments were shared on social media. Everyone was entirely heartbroken. 

He was living a happy life in Erice when this incident happened on his 40th birthday, which not only brought his life to an end but also brought a significant change in the life of his family members.

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