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Cops said that Neraz Roberts was pronounced dead at the location of 8827 187 Place in Jamaica at approximately 5 a.m. with the gashes to his back and hand. A Queens guy was enraged to death by his bowie knife welding uncle in an underway battle royal over the house of family, cops, and closet, informed by the Post on Sunday. 

A man named Ryan Basdeo, who is 24 years old and lives nearest to him, informed him about the issues of their family, which began about three years ago after the death of the house owner. Basdeo informed that she left her son, daughter, and Suhnandan, the daughter’s husband, to solve the issue of ownership of the two-story brick home.

How did Neraz Roberts come to death?

Mahadeo Suhanandan, who is the age of 50 years, is now expecting implications for reputedly murdering his nephew, who is 29 years old named Neraz Roberts, inside the house. The son and their relatives, including his children Roberts and the daughter and her husband who lived at their property. Mahadeo Suhanandan informed that after the mother’s death, they are continuously battling with each other. 

Suhanandan reported the kicking out of his brother-in-law, but Roberts still lived in the undercroft of the flat on 187h St. near the Hillside Ave.

Neraz Roberts News

What do their neighbors tell them?

Neighbors said they endorsed the alternative scenes of a chaotic private situation at the house with police acknowledging numerous personal calls there, often for family relatives screaming. One neighbor who refused to provide her name informed us that the cops were there all the hours, three times a week. The kid who had issues with his uncle.

For the significant portion, they didn’t get involved with them because the uncle approached and screamed a lot and complained about the man who lived downstairs. They saw the victim last night. The victim approached their house around 6 p.m. They saw him step into their home. 

Another nearest one declared an entire incident where the uncle came to blows with Roberts and his father. Another one also refused to give her name and informed the uncle, who had a lot of mouths, and so did his nephew.

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