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Paul Newman died in 2008 after battling a lung disease. He was a notorious smoker; eventually, his habits led to an eclipse of his life and career.

One of his most popular projects is the film Towering Inferno which is now playing on ITV4; on this occasion, let us try to find out how his smoking habit, which eventually ended up as cancer, ruined his life.

Paul Newman’s early life and career:

His first ever film in Hollywood dates back to 1954; after that, he rose to fame in the late 1950s. His most well-known work to date is Towering Inferno; the movie went on to win three Oscars which forever marked his legacy of Paul in the Hollywood world.

But like there are always two sides to a coin, Paul’s perfect career was bait to his heavy smoking habit. Later in his life, Paul admitted on various occasions that he is amazed that he survived heavy amounts of smoking, booze, and car racing.

Before his death, Paul had quit smoking for thirty years now, but the repercussions of it do not seem to leave him alone. He was diagnosed with cancer.

When he appeared feeble in the summer of 2008, people started speculating about his health condition of Paul; he quickly went on to shut down rumors regarding his health. Still, unfortunately, the rumors turned out to be true after the news of his death was made public in September of 2008.

Some Lung cancer awareness for you:

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released its statistics on lung cancer, stating that Lung cancer claims three times more than breast and prostate cancer. According to the NHS, around 47k people are diagnosed with lung cancer every year in the UK.

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