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Marlo Croce wife of the singer A.J. Croce died of a very rare and sudden heart virus. For all of his life, A.J. Croce has seen the transformational power of music, whether as a medium for celebration and reflection, transcendent love and deep grief, and everything in between. Music provides a life-affirming means for him to grieve the loss of his wife of 24 years, Marlo, who died abruptly in 2018 from a rare and rapid heart infection, on his 10th and newest album, the cathartic “By Request.”

Some of A.J. Croce’s songs

Croce, on the other hand, does not attain the same catharsis with his songs. Instead, he listens to funk, rock, blues, soul, pop, and country hits by a dozen different singers, including Neil Young (“Only Love Can Break Your Heart”), Sam Cooke (“Nothing Can Change This Love”), the Five Stairsteps (“O-o-h Child”), and Randy Newman (“Only Love Can Break Your Heart”). Even the titles of the songs reflect a moving story about love and sorrow. Croce’s renditions achieve a delicate balance, allowing him to seem reverent while yet adding his musical imprint. These songs were equally welcoming to him as a performer channeling his emotions as they were to the audience of “By Request.”

A.J. Croce was deeply traumatized by the death of his wife Marlo Croce

“I felt this record was the right bridge between my wife’s death — she was my best friend — and the next album I do, which will be very personal,” Croce said by phone from East Nashville, where he and Marlo moved in 2015. He’s now working on several projects, including a documentary about the late artist Leon Redbone and another about Black cowboys and rodeo riders. And he’s still writing songs for the album that will follow “By Request,” which will be released in the next year or two.”I’m 49 years old and will turn 50 in September. “I’m so old!” exclaims the speaker. Croce, who is the subject of a documentary film that is currently under production, stated this.

Croce’s family history

Croce, who was born in late 1971, has spent his entire life surrounded by music. Ingrid, his mother, sang in a folk-music duo with Jim, his father, whose solo career began in 1972. The young family relocated from Pennsylvania to San Diego in the same year. Croce, a self-taught pianist, began performing music here when he was seven years old. Pat Rosalia, a founding member of the vocal ensemble Manhattan Transfer, was his first tutor, according to him.

In a 1993 interview with the Union-Tribune, he explained, “It was because of music.” “I was going to do it full-time, and I think my mother got it.”

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