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A British tourist shoved her partner to his grave from their balcony after a heated argument in their blood-soaked room, a Turkish court was told.

On March 12,  Pegram Reece, 22, was murdered immediately after falling 100 feet concrete floor from the hotel’s window, where he was vacationing with his girlfriend, Mary Meyers Kayley.

Who is Pegram Reece?

The courtroom in Manavgat testified on July 19  regarding the first case report filed by the local authorities. Kayley, 31, was reportedly so drunk that hotel officials had to remove her from her room. The pair had been partying so much at the opulent resort in Antalya, Turkey, that Kayley had to be assisted to the woman’s fifth-floor room, per the trial. According to the lawyer, a brawl spilt out afterwards. They had previously performed mahjong and gone to a tattoo studio.

She was so drunk that she reportedly boasted about her partner being “one of the most significant heroin dealers in England.”  on which the shopkeeper asked her to leave she grew furious.

The hotel staff discovered his lifeless body on the pavement downstairs, and Kayley claimed he fell in misery following her informing him she decided to break up with him. She reportedly claimed the bleeding on the rug came from a wound on her hand; however it was eventually revealed that it was Reece’s.

what has happened to him?

She stated: “I checked the balcony because it was supposed to be there, but it wasn’t. I went to bed later, but the bleeding on my hand did not cease. I went down to the lobby, and because I was drunk at the time, I forgot to wear my shoes.

“When I asked if they had seen Reece, the people at reception could not understand me and ordered me back to my room. The police arrived while I was sleeping.

She continued, saying: “Reece died 12 hours later, I found out. I reject the charge levelled against me.”

The trial additionally testified that an investigation showed large levels of methamphetamine in Reece’s body. She was not evaluated on the day Reece died. “It was understood that the victim fell vertically from the balcony at a height of about 30 metres, then collapsed on his face and hit the concrete with the power of the fall,” the postmortem also noted.

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