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So many cases are registered on the sheet of the police station because of the bloody criminal. They have no future for themselves, but they Destroy others’ futures by taking their lives. 

One man in the shooting kills Jailene Holton, 21 years, without any fault, and now that crime is not in the hands of the police as they cannot find him. These kinds of people risk other people’s lives. We ask ourselves what the fault of these innocent people who lost their lives because of these kind people is.

Why did they shoot Jailene Holton without any fault:-

With the news, we can find out that three men’s thrown out of the Philly Bar & Restaurant around 11 pm because they were creating a disturbance, so they were thrown out on the Welsh road. 


So two of the men went silently, but one man created the issue, and after that, with anger, he shot 15 times, and one time one woman Jailene Holton got shot out and dead. 

After that, she was taken to hospital, and the woman had no fault. She was standing in the back of the bar enjoying herself with her friends.

Relative view about  Jailene Holton:-

One relative said that she was just a bystander. She did not do anything, and she was just 21 years old innocent. She was a beautiful, young, and bright woman. She was not involved in any violence. 

Jailene Holton: 21 years old, killed in the shooting

Her dad, sister, and family are grieving her death as they are heartbroken by this sudden incident .and the police are searching for the murderer and those two other people. Still, we have to hope for the goodness of her family.

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