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I am Mrs.Sapna Garg. 

 I am here to share my experience about IC. Since past two years I am completely symptom free.
I want to share my experience about this disease. How it started and how it was diagnosed and  
how it was treated successfully and how I faced this difficult situation in my life.

 It was in the month of March 2011, after giving birth to my second child. My initial symptoms used to
be just burning in my bladder. But I used to ignore this minor burning. But after two months, it started to burn
a lot and my life started to be disturbed from there onwards. I used to take antibiotic course for my burning but
it was unsatisfactory and I used to be in pain.
 From there onwards my journey started to find a doctor who can treat and cure my IC problem. I used to contact 
doctors and I used to shift from one doctor to another. I even don’t know the count of the doctors that I have shifted.

Every doctor used to write a lot of tests like urine,culture, ultrasound, blood test and many more. I used to get negative results which were totally unsatisfactory and those doctors couldn't find out my problem and they 
simply recommended me to use antibiotics. Finally doctors said that the problem was in my mind. I used to be always sad and anxious. I tried homeopathy, ayurvedic and Chinese medicines too but I couldn’t get any good results from them.
These antibiotics started to affect my bladder even worse than before.

 I use to spend my life in lots of pain. I tried to commit suicide few times. After spending three painful years finally I met Dr.Rajesh Taneja,a senior urologist  at Apollo  hospital, New Delhi. He is genius and very intelligent doctor. He is god for me, he understands my situation and my problem and studied my case and went for cystoscopy and finally he found that it was a chronic inflammation and there was a wound in my bladder. It was clear that I was IC patient.

Dr.Rajesh Taneja started my treatment, he gave me the prescription of cystopen,atarax and gabhaneuron.
After using these medicines i feel that i was fifty percent relieved.
       I started to learn Reki. Reki is a science which tells us about self healing and about diet.
According to reki,if you have inflammation in your body it means that your body is struggling with heat.
Heat is nothing but Acid. Then i started to heal myself by trusting diet control.
Then I started 80:20 ratio diet, it means 80% of alkaline and 20% of acid diet. My alkaline contains fruits, vegetables,
sprout and water .
Acid food contains grains, nuts, milk products, sugar, white peas ,non-veg, besan, tea, coffee, pickels and all types of sauces
        You can choose your diet according to your body and symptoms by following 80:20 ratios. It’s not according to me,
you can select according to your body. I am pure vegetarian that’s why I never faced any problem with my diet.

I would like to inform you about my diet which i followed:

             coconut water 
             banana,fuji apple,papaya and custard apple,pears,lichi ,melon completely.

Avoid fruits:-
             pineapple,all citrus fruits,guava,pomegranate etc. 

             roti or rice and curry with no spices and in salad only cucumber and carrot .

completely avoided:-
             garlic,ginger,chilli,raw onion and raw tamoto, raddish,beet root,etc.
But i have noticed that all veggies after cooked are bladder friendly.

Evening snacks:-
             Soaked almond and cocount water.
             baked potatoes,sweet potatoes,boil or bake vegtables,poha,boil sweet corn,sprouts etc.
And in sweets, sometimes u can eat white rasgulla ,sandesh and ice cream (small quantity).
I use to follow this same menu from december-2013 to january-2015, with in this span of period, i use to be healed completely
just follow the diet, am sure that you will be healed and you will be relieved from the pain. Now am so happy to inform you 
that i can eat whatever i want.
       Six things which helps me the most are:

1.Meditation                               water heat pad
3.Sunlight(vitamin d3)
4.Flax seeds
5.Kefir grains(most powerful probiotic on earth)
6.last but not least is my husband’s support and care for me is so precious and am so thankful to have him in my life.
 I am so happy to share this experience because I learned a lot of lessons in my life with this disease.
At last I want to tell you that, I have changed my life with this, hope you will do so to cure and heal yourselves and by 
taking precautions and prescriptions of doctors too. Just care about your body and listen to your soul and your
inner voice.

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  1. Very well explained thanks for sharing your experience ....


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