Monday, September 9, 2019

Dr Jagriti Shares her IC Story

Hi, I am Jagriti a doctor by profession. I am basically from the trouble-torn Kashmir State residing in Delhi at present. I have been suffering from IC for the past 3 to 4 years. Initially, my symptoms started as UTI for which I took medication. My symptoms of pain in the lower abdomen, frequency, and urgency recurred after a couple of months. This time urine report was normal but I still took antibiotics and alkaliser syrup. These medicines did not help me. Thus began my journey to doctor's clinics. First, a gynecologist who associated my illness with postmenopausal hormonal changes. She prescribed again alkaliser and local estrogen cream and prescribed a few tests Meanwhile I started noticing that tea, coffee, and citrus fruits aggravated my symptoms. The same year I traveled to Europe along with my husband. My symptoms worsened. Even my husband who is also a doctor did not support me. He said it is all in my mind. He was more bothered about the euros that he was spending on my frequent use of washrooms rather than my pathetic state. I used to pee every minute. My life came to a standstill. My work, my family suffered. My self-confidence was low depression crept in. I stopped socializing just restricted myself to my room. The only thing that brought a smile to my face was the sight of a washroom. Then finally I consulted a urologist who advised a series of investigations. This time my ultrasound revealed one damaged non-functional kidney and my focus changed from bladder to kidney. Got my CT and Renogram done. My urologist advised nephrectomy i.e.removal of my affected kidney. Then I went for a second opinion to Dr. Taneje who strictly advised against the surgery. Heaved a sigh of relief. God, I had forgotten about my IC symptoms, just as I was taking leave of Dr. Taneja I mentioned my bladder symptoms to him.Therewith a bang he arrived at the diagnosis. He said that I have interstitial cystitis. Its the real culprit and I pay should more attention to it rather than my kidney Ic needs to be controlled as it cannot be cured completely He asked me to avoid acidic food .and prescribed a few medicines Citrosoda, probiotics laxatives, and pentosan polysulfate. I take chaach, coconut water, curd, watermelon, gluten-free food daily. A complete no-no to tea coffee and aerated drinks. I think I am 70 to 80 percent cured. Thanks to my Doctor and my support group ICI. I think all the members of our group should spread awareness about this disease. Patients especially the females suffer a lot before being diagnosed. Some are not diagnosed at all. They suffer silently. General practitioners and gynecologists need to be taught and made aware of this not so rare illness yet so difficult to diagnose. Being a doctor it took me years get diagnosed. What about layman. let us all join hands and support more and more patients and be their guide.

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