Thursday, April 11, 2019

10 Job Management Tips for Interstitial Cystitis Patients

Working on any job with chronic illness can be tough and have its own challenges. Here are some tips to manage your job if you have Interstitial Cystitis:-

1.  Make your employer aware of your health condition. Many of them have management policies and can be very understanding to help you with your needs.

2. Carry a card that lists your health condition and has the name of your doctor, emergency contact and medication that you are currently taking. It can be handy under emergency situations.

3. Emergency bathroom access letter: You can ask your urologist to sign a card/letter for washroom access. In this card, the urologist can mention that you need emergency bathroom access as your health condition doesn't allow you to hold for a long time. Not only in the office but it can also help while traveling or when you need to use public restrooms. Unlike West, these kinds of cards are an alien concept in India but you can always ask for a letter from your doctor. The letter should have the contact number, registration number and the seal of the urologist.

4. Keep yourself hydrated. It will help with your frequency and burning. The more concentrated urine is, the more painful it becomes. Also drinking enough fluids help to maintain focus, alertness and better health.

5. Take frequent breaks from your desk job. If you are doing a desk job, sometimes you have to sit in the same position for long hours. And this can worsen your pelvic floor dysfunction. So once in a while, get up from your seat, walk or stretch a bit and come back.

6. Relaxation exercise: In today's scenario when the work pressure is a lot, it's easy to get stressed up. That's why it is important to relax. Do a five-minute mindfulness exercise, deep breathing, doodles or anything that helps you to calm down.

7.  Carry your emergency stuff like icepack/ heating pad, antispasmodics, emergency medicines, essential oils, sodium bicarbonate/ baking soda with you. So if you have a risk of flaring, you are already prepared. The following heating pad is good for office use. You can put it on your chair and sit on it during a flare.

8. Wear comfortable clothing. Avoid tight fitted jeans and skirts. They can put lots of pressure on the pelvic area.  Use clothes that have soft fabric, allow air to pass and doesn't carry chemical fragrances such as detergent, perfumes, etc. So there are fewer chances of infections.

9. Carry your own food to avoid food induces flares. Outside food ingredients are not always known to us and may have trigger ingredients, therefore, it is best to carry food from home.

10. Lastly, always Prioritize your health. Don't hesitate and feel guilty while taking a Sick Leave. Remember you are trying the best and doing a great job. You and your health matters.

Article contributed by Arun Dahiya.


  1. There's an awful lot here that most of us simply don't know about.
    Good that you're working to get the word out. Understanding always helps.

    And happy A-Z'ing

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