Thursday, December 7, 2017

GIBS 2017

I was fortunate to attend two important conferences on interstitial cystitis in 2017. The first one was GIBS 2017, held in August in Mumbai. The second one was ESSIC 2017 held in Budapest, Hungary. Both the conferences widened my horizon in the studies on IC.

GIBS was launched by Swati Spentose in 2016 and within a year it has made huge progress to raise awareness about interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome in India.  The MD of Swati Spentose Mr Vishal Jajodia is passionate about raising awareness for IC in India. It is the cumulative impact of his sheer perseverance and hard work that today IC is being heard in India.

This year doctors from every corner of India attended the two day conference.  Many patients also attended and shared their experiences. The organisers of GIBS Swati Spentose also launched a booklet GIBS Clinical Guidelines for IC/BPS on IC.

It was a privilege for patients to interact with reputed IC doctors, especially Dr Rajesh Taneja and Dr Sanjay Pandey. The other reputed doctors who attended were Dr Shailesh Shah, Dr Navita Purohit, Dr Amita Jain and Dr Raman Tanwar.

The developments of IC research was discussed in detail in this two day long seminar. Comfora has given comfort to so many patients in India that today we do not need to import Elmiron from abroad. GIBS 2018 would be organised in August 2018 and abstracts are being invited. If any patient is interested to join GIBS 2018, do leave a comment and we will get in touch.

GIBS Faculty

Stalwarts of Urology

Launch of the Booklet

Patient Session in progress

Patient Representative  Balaka Basu addressing the audience