Monday, October 2, 2017

List of IC Doctors in India

Patients from India and neighbouring countries are often unable to find a good doctor to diagnose and treat interstitial cystitis (IC). As mentioned in earlier posts, for any IC patient getting diagnosed is the biggest challenge. Most doctors are unaware about interstitial cystitis and thus the patients have to go through a cycle of ‘not getting diagnosed’ or worse getting ‘misdiagnosed’. In this post I give a list of doctors all across India who are aware about IC. Next time you get symptoms like recurrent UTI, pain in the pelvic area, frequency and urgency etc do not hesitate to get in touch with these doctors. Most of them are very approachable and ready to help.

1.        Dr Rajesh Taneja (Urologist):  : 9811081823 : Apollo Hospitals , Delhi

2.        Dr Sanjay Pandey (Urologist) : : 9324718283 : Kokilaben Hospitals , Mumbai

3.        Dr Nagendra Mishra, (Urologist): 9824022035: Ahmedabad

4.        Dr Shivam Priyadarshi (Urologist) : : 9828015854 : SMS Hopsital , Jaipur

5.        Dr Apul Goel  (Urologist): : 9839181465 : King George Hospital, Lucknow

6.        Dr Raman Tanwar (Urologist): : 9868378312 : Jyoti Hospital & Urology Center , Gurugram

7.        Dr Uttam Mete (Urologist) : : 9914209322 : PGIMER Chandigarh

8.        Dr. Mohammad Ismail Attar (Urologist): 9022330964: Kokilaben Hospital , Mumbai

9.        Dr Anish Gupta (Urologist): : 8130597361 / 011 – 27452450: North Delhi Nursing Home, 3 Community Centre, 2, Phase – 2 Ashok Vihar Delhi – 110052

10.    Dr Amita Jain (Urogynecologist) : : 9871136110 : Fortis Escorts Hospital , Delhi

11.    Dr Ranjana Sharma (Gynecologist) : RNJ_SHARMA@YAHOO.COM : 9810162431 : Apollo Hospitals, Delhi

12.    Dr Navita Purohit (Pain therapist) : : 8003421888 : Kokilaben Hospital , Mumbai

13.    Dr Mahesh Menon (Pain therapist): 7498242830: Kokilaben Hospital , Mumbai

14.    Dr Lalitha Prasad (Urogynecologist) : : 9246530312 : Dr Lalitha Clinic’s , Hyderabad

15.    Dr Meera Raghwan: (Urogynecologist) : : 9488648574 : Apollo Hopsitals, Chennai


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